Sunday, November 3, 2013

Floor repair finished

R was able to finish his floor repair project today and I continued to scrap paint.  This paint scraping is starting to get monotonous.  This is why I really like to have several projects going at one time.

The plaster needs to be repaired and will be added to the list of repairs for the plaster guy to fix.  We will use some of the baseboard that we are replacing in the living room to repair the missing baseboard.
R says his knees are very very sore and my wrist hurts so bad that I can barely use my laptop.  Sunday is suppose to be sunny but cold so I hope our aches and pains are diminished by then because we have to button up this shed project for the winter.  We are running out of daylight hours for outdoor projects.

Cost for today's repairs.

Wood for floor  $0.00