Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mud room update

We had errands to run today that took longer than we thought, so we didn't get as much accomplish as we had wanted.  But that is nothing new...right?

Our last stop on the list of errands was a trip to Home Depot.  We forgot to return one leaf guard when we returned the seven pieces the other day.  So first we needed to go through the return line.

After returning the leaf guard we wandered over to the lumber section to buy wood for the mud room. Unfortunately we did not have a board in our wood pile that would work for the front of the seat.  We needed a 1X4 in clear pine or nearly clear and all we had was very very knotted pine boards.

We looked at clear pine boards and compared the price to a common pine board.  It was a no brainer. The clear pine board was almost 7 bucks compared to $2.12 for the common pine board.  We found a common pine board that was fairly clear and added that to our cart.

I knew that we would remove that inappropriate trim at the ceiling but I was unsure of what I wanted.  I knew it had to be simple.  Simple and cheap would be great so when I ran across some 1X4's that had the same knotty pine finish as our tongue and groove paneling, I had to take a second look.  We decided to buy enough to run a 1X4 all the way around the perimeter of the ceiling.

We also purchased a couple of pieces of 11/16thX11/16th square pine to fill in the corners where there is a gap between the paneling.  Hard to explain but sometimes you see 1/4 round used but since it would butt up against the square edge of the 1X4 at the ceiling we felt that this would look better.

Once we were home, we installed the front board for the seat.  We still need to install some legs and cross supports before we can permanently attach the seat.

Next on the list was removing the current ceiling trim.
Ceiling trim before removal
Ceiling minus the trim

I scraped paint in the living room in between working on the mud room.  I hate to say this but...I doubt if I am going to meet my self imposed 3 day deadline.  Maybe I can make better progress tomorrow while R is installing the ceiling trim.

Today's cost

Return of the leaf guard +$8.10
Purchase of wood for the mud room -$29.88

Total after refund $21.78 paid with gift card from previous returns.

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