Saturday, November 2, 2013

Floor repair and more paint scraping

Due to  rain, we were indoors yesterday.
R continued with his floor repair.  He started by cutting a piece of plywood that was the same thickness as the sub floor.  There just happened to be a piece of plywood in the scrap pile that worked perfectly. He laid a piece of rosin paper on top of the plywood after he screwed it in place.  We had a roll of rosin paper left over from another project.

R was able to get 3 of the 5 pieces of flooring installed today.  Actually, it was the 3 hardest pieces so tomorrow's 2 pieces should go fairly quickly.

I continued with paint scraping.  The paint was very hard to remove in the center of the wall.  There were fewer paint layers, which was odd......until I stepped back and saw the big picture.  I was too close to the wall to really understand what was going on with the crack etc.  R called me over to ask me a question and as I walked back to the area where I was scraping, I had a chance to get a real good look at the wall.  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  There is was as clear as day.  There used to be a door there. You can see where the trim was and then you can see where the patched area starts.  This area was never painted the golden tan color or the medium mocha color.  The first color layer is the dark green.

The door was removed and the opening was patched with the same material as the rest of the wall.  The newer patches used drywall compound to patch with and it is too soft.

They probably had a door on each side of the fireplace that went to the sun room.  I bet they realized that there was a shortage of wall space in addition to it being a north wall.  Here in the north we like to keep windows and doors to a minimum on the north or northwest side.
The area that is scraped in the photo above took me 5 hours.  That is more than twice the time it should have taken me to scrap that amount of wall surface.

Total project costs for today.

Sub floor/plywood  $0.00
Rosin paper             $0.00
Wood flooring         $0.00
Total cost               ZERO

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