Saturday, November 23, 2013

There's a new project starting...

......and it's exciting.

Our exterior kitchen door enters into a small room.  To actually enter into the interior of the house you need to walk through another door.  I guess you could call this a mudroom or a side entry but to keep things simple, I decree that from this day forth, this room will be called a mud room unless we come up with a snazzier name.

Several weeks ago during a rain delay, we removed the cabinets that lined the west wall.  Since that time, we have been busy trying to wrap up the shed project.  But since snow is forecasted for the weekend, it's time to break up with the shed and move on.

The floor in the mud room is made of 4 inch wide pine planks and covered in many many layers of battleship grey enamel.  Now is the time to remove that paint so we can, in the future, stain the floor to match the rest of the house.

R hauled out his belt sander and started sanding.  This isn't the final sanding but just enough to get through the paint.  The sanding took 4 hours.  He still needs to use a little sander to get close to the baseboard to remove that final little strip of paint around the perimeter of the room.  But after that we will move on to the fun stuff.

Oh my goodness...look at all that dust!

Our goal is to again, use as much of the previously used wood as possible.  The walls are covered in wide tongue and groove paneling just like the kitchen.  We will leave the paneling and eventually paint it bright white.

We need to make some adjustments to the paneling and trim.  Several knots have fallen out and left holes in it's place.  These will need to be filled with filler.  The trim around the ceiling is wrong wrong wrong.  It looks like the same picture molding that we found under the crown molding in the entry.  We have a couple of ideas up our sleeve but haven't set anything in stone.

The corners of the room have gaps between the panels.  This was probably caused by shrinkage or settling or both.  We will probably use some sort of cove molding to bridge those gaps.

I've been eyeing a really cool ceiling light online for the mud room.  But I haven't pulled the trigger just yet.

Today I was busy with more paint removal in the living room.  I'm working that last two feet up by the ceiling.  It's rough on the shoulders and is slow going due to frequent breaks to rest the old shoulders. I also think my heat gun is just about ready to give up.  I use the cheap $9.99 with coupon heat guns from Harbor Freight.  I do this for several reasons.  I also own two expensive heat paint removers and they are just too heavy.  The Milwaukee is a powerful heat gun but must weigh almost 5 pounds and it's huge.  The other is the Silent Paint Remover.  Let's talk......I really don't see the big deal with this gadget.  I really should just sell it.  I barely used it because I found that I can move faster with a lightweight heat gun and a putty knife.

To make my paint removal more bearable, I have been breaking up the wall into sections and only removing the paint from that area.  Kind of like the do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  That's my philosophy when it comes to removing all the wall paint.

Tomorrow (Saturday) R is helping someone install an air handler in the morning so I do not know if we will work on the mud room but I know what I will be doing......putty knife in hand and removing paint.

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