Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Scraping and mud room progress

Sometimes, I think small rooms take just as much time to trim as a large room.  We were also surprised to see how unsquare and unlevel the ceiling and walls were once we started installing the trim around the ceiling perimeter.

The trim accentuated the fact that the ceiling and door jambs were askew.  If we followed the ceiling, the door trim and window trim will look crooked.  Finally we found a happy medium by not using a level and just installing so that the trim and the doors and windows look level.

I once saw an episode of of This Old House where Tom Silva addressed this very matter.  His advise was to install the trim so that it looked good whether that was unlevel or level.  So we took Tom's advice and that is exactly how we installed the trim.
We installed the 11/16th X 11/16th square trim in the corners, followed by the cove molding between the square trim on the shelf portion.  I found a 5 foot section of the cove molding in our wood pile but we will need at least 10 ft more to finish the trimming the shelf and the seat.

The leg supports for the seat are next on the list.  This is more a design roadblock than anything else. I am trying to draw up a design that would have been original to the house or at least to that era. I have an idea and Friday we will try and implement that idea.

I worked on scraping in between helping R with the trim.  The scraping is going slow.  I'm finding areas where I can hardly remove the paint, while other areas peel easily.  The only remaining paint above the windows is the paint over the center window.  Unfortunately the center window is a wider window because it is an 8 over 8 rather than a 6 over 6 double hung window.  I am guessing that I have two more days of scraping.

It looks like it is time to buy another putty knife.  My current putty knife is fairly worn and I no longer have a nice corner edge on each side of the blade to help get into little divets and grooves.  This would be the third putty knife that I have worn out since starting this painting scraping escapade.

On a happy note.  I was able to purchase 4 vintage coat hooks from a seller on eBay.  I could have purchased new ones for less money but it's the little details that can make or break project.

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