Thursday, April 24, 2014

Finished the grey paint

I made the classic mistake of believing the weatherman.  Today was downright chilly with a capital C.

Despite the chill in the air I made an attempt to paint today.  R removed the rivet from the downspout so I was able to paint behind it and I also finished the little strip under the door .  All that is remaining is the white paint on the trim and doors.  But if I am to believe the weatherman AGAIN, we are not due for any real painting weather for over a week.  As a matter of fact, they are predicting snow.  I sure hope that is not the one time they get the forecast correct.

Today was not only chilly but windy so that made it a perfect day to rake leaves....NOT.  In an attempt to tidy up the curb appeal, we raked the leaves by the mailbox, stone pillars, and swept the entrance to the driveway.  It looks a little better but until I can rake between the lilacs, I just will not be happy with the way it looks.