Saturday, April 19, 2014

First Curbside Treasure of 2014

The vast majority of our curbside treasures are found by my husband.  I usually justify not stopping by saying that I would have to turn around or the item is too heavy or too large for my vehicle.

Today's find was in fairly good condition.

The dresser is missing a brass caster on one of the legs and one of the back legs is broke but R found it with the dresser.  He says he can fix it.  None of the decorative applique is missing but the top has seen better days. But for now the dresser will be stored in the barn.

We removed the drawers to make the dresser easier to move.  I spied something wadded up behind a drawer.

Looks like little Billy Frame was a player.


  1. Quite a player in a Dexter sort of way - that has to be the creepiest Valentine I've ever seen (although I think those are always the best finds anyway). Beautiful dresser though!

  2. I know when I read it I thought....hmmmmm how times have changed.

    I think that dresser has big time possibilities. A marble top would take care of that bad wood and then it would be in great condition.

    I'll stash it away until I can use it.

  3. Awesome dresser! You guys find the greatest stuff!

  4. R has a good eye and can spot good stuff in the trash despite going 50 mph.


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