Thursday, April 17, 2014

Paint scraping, tack removal, and kitty update

Using my current iffy set up I scraped paint until I just couldn't scrape anymore.  I'm to the point where either of two things must happen for me to continue on.

#1 My arms grow longer


#2 I devise a better set up for reaching high up on the walls.

I had better put on my thinking cap and think of something quick since I doubt that my arms will grow longer.

I also pulled out about 30 carpet tacks that were still in the wood floor up on the landing.  I'm sure there are still more to remove and I know if I removed my shoes I could find them in no time.

The kitties are growing fast.  Today they were 11 days old.  Some have their little eyes open.  Two are large and one is small but all are doing well.