Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kitchen Shelves and Kitten Update

Today was great because we FINALLY got to see what the shelves will look like when they are completed.  We both are very pleased.

But first.  Before we could cut the actual shelves we added the ledger board between the brackets.  We used the same 1x4 boards that we used behind the brackets but we ripped them down to 3 inches because 4 inches was too wide and felt wrong.  It's one of those things where it is hard to explained but we both felt the same way when we put up the first board.
Next we glued two 1x10s together for each shelf.  After the glue was dried, we trimmed the boards to 9 inches wide.  First we took 1/16th of an inch off one side and then flipped the shelf and made the final trim to give us a 9 inch wide shelf.

The shelves are up but they still need to be sanded and nailed/screwed to the brackets and ledger board. What do you think?

Tomorrow they deliver the refrigerator sometime between 1 and 5.  I so dislike waiting around for delivery people even when I know I am going to be home.

Now on to important stuff like kitty photos.

Sorry for the blurry photo but I wanted to show how Aunt Sasha fills in when Mama Patches goes for a walk around the house.
Just look at that face.  Is she precious or what?
 Look how she has her paw on her sister Sasha and look how the little kittens have grown.
Kitten update.  We started out with 4 black and white kitties and 1 muted tortie.  We now have 3 black and white kitties, 1 muted tortie, and one muted grey/white kitten.


  1. I think the shelves look great and the ledger board as Goldilocks would say "is just right". Love the pics of the Cats/Kittens and to see that they're doing well.

  2. We are really pleased with how they turned out. I think the oversize brackets work because of the high ceilings.


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