Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring clean up, desk build update, and new kitty photos

Large lawns and treed lots are beautiful during the summer but come spring.....I long for a postage stamp size yard.  We have loads and loads of leaves to rake no matter how much we rake in the fall. They blow in from all directions but ironically none of our leaves blow out and away.

So we rake and bag and rake and bag and rake and bag until we have to do something else and that else is work on the cabinets, desk, and book shelves that we are building in the kitchen.  Since we are virgin cabinet builders....this is going slow, like glacial slow.  Since we want these built ins to match the other cabinets we are using reclaimed wood from previous demos and we are also building the cabinets in the same manner as the other cabinets in the kitchen.  Now I am not such a cabinet virgin that I don't realize that the other cabinets might not be built in the most correct manner but we need these cabinets to blend and blend they will, imperfections and all.

To add to our frustrations are the unlevel floors and walls.  Seriously our levels are getting quite the workout.  But we're not setting any speed records with this build.

On the kitten front...oh my how they are growing.
Look at that face. 

 Kitties everywhere. 
Look at all the little faces.