Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Painting before it rains

Yesterday I was able to get a quick coat of grey on the garden shed.  As I mentioned before, the grey paint goes on much faster than the primer.

I'll try to finish up on the painting tomorrow if it is warmer and less windy then today.  The remaining painting details are the white trim around the doors, the threshold, a little tiny strip of grey under the doors, and a coat of primer and grey behind the downspout.

The doors will need to come off the hinges so we can sand and paint them.  At that time we will take care of the remaining hardware installation.

We really are happy with the difference/improvement to the garden shed.  Money wise the costs have been fairly low because of reusing of materials or using leftover materials from previous projects.  I'll have a total once we finish.

Yesterday after painting and before it rained we swept the curb.  There was a lot of debris along the curb because of the severe winter.  We removed 3 wheelbarrows of dirt, small bits of broken plastic from cars, one center wheel cap off of a Chrysler, and one tiny empty Jack Daniels bottle.  Sweeping the curb is one of those thankless jobs.  Nobody notices a clean curb but they do notice a dirty debris filled curb.

We were forced indoors today because of the cold and windy weather, so we started another project in the kitchen.  This will be a first for us and we know it will be slow going but we are going to attempt to build the desk, 3 cabinets, and book shelf built ins.  The cabinets will be built in the same manner as the current cabinets and with materials we already have on hand.  Let's hear it for a ALMOST zero cost project.  The only cost we can foresee is the 2 sheets of good one side plywood for the top.

The photo below shows the chair where the corner desk will be located and the book shelves will be all the way to the right.
Of course I have to include an updated photo or two of the kitties.  At 16 days old, they are really starting to get around.  That little grey kitty is so cute.