Saturday, April 12, 2014

Waiting on the fridge & a tiny project

The refrigerator delivery guys were wonderful BUT I still don't like waiting around all day.

We were given a delivery window of 1-5PM so I thought I could get a little done while I waited for my "we'll be there in 20 minutes" phone call.  But everything I wanted or tried to do made noise.

1. I wanted to start the sanding of the shelves so we could finish nailing/screwing them to the brackets and officially call the shelf project done BUT no cigar.  See the pneumatic orbital sander makes so much noise I can't hear my phone.  I know you are probably thinking, why doesn't she put it on to vibrate?  Good suggestion BUT I would have to put my phone in a pocket and currently my shirt pocket was holding my heart monitor.  I know you are probably thinking, why doesn't she put it in her jean pocket?  Good suggestion BUT these stupid (yes stupid, who makes jeans with the front pockets non existent? I know you are probably thinking, why doesn't she put it in her back pocket?  Good suggestion BUT I tried that and the pockets are shallow and my phone sticks halfway out of my pocket and when I bent over to pick something up, my pocket or my phone made a weird noise.  It was too tedious to try and keep my heart monitor in my shirt pocket and keep my phone from either butt dialing someone on my contact list or keeping it from shooting out of my back pocket or just breaking in half. I tried something else.....

2. I thought I would get the air gun out and blow all the dust off of everything in the kitchen.  Halfway across the kitchen I thought I heard my phone but it was my ears ringing instead. I tried something else....

3. My fall back project when all else fails...scrape paint.   As I mentioned ladder set up is iffy at best and after almost losing my balance twice and not wanting to send any wrong data to the heart monitoring people I thought it would be best if I didn't ping an erroneous signal so I sat down and ate a key lime Bismarck donut** from Krispy Kreme.  Damn....they are good.  AND before anyone thinks that my heart monitoring needs are a result of greasy donuts, the tests all came blockages.  I have very few vices besides my home restoration vice, but I am also a sucker for a good donut OR two.

**why is spell check flagging donut?  It is suggesting doughnut......who spells it that way????

R arrived back home around 1PM after cutting a tree limb into pieces for a friend.  We decided that we would go outside and sit in the sun and enjoy the 70 degree weather.  After 10 minutes the sun went behind a cloud, it got windy, and the temp dropped.  AND they wonder why I need to wear a heart monitor.

So we went inside and tried to think of a quiet quick project.  I know your thinking, why can't R listen for the phone?  In a nut shell.....R can't hear $%^&.  So we decided to fix the wood around the new ovens because the double Thermador ovens are slightly shorter than the old double ovens we removed.

Halfway through the project the fridge guys arrived at 4pm.  Delivery went smoothly.  They left and we continued on with our little project.  R found an old wide piece of tongue and groove.  He cut it to length and cut the tongue off.  I used the heat gun to remove the Liquid Nails that was on the board. At his point we called it a day.

Tomorrow I plan on making a lot of noise.  I'm going to sand, use my air blow gun, and I am going to turn the classic rock station up to blast.


  1. Glad to hear that your heart checked out okay. As far as donuts vs. doughnuts, Dunkin uses the former and Krispy Kreme uses the latter. Go figure. :-)

  2. I guess I never noticed the spelling difference. Probably because I was too busy saying..."oh look, donuts!!!"

  3. You and me both. Wikipedia has this to say about the spelling difference:

    In the US, both are used, with donut indicated as a variant of doughnut. In the UK, donut is indicated as an American variant for doughnut.

    I only really noticed it after Krispy Kreme started getting all the hype.

  4. As my hubby always says (and it's a little overused, IMO)..."it's getting there!" :D


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