Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cedar shingles and insulation holes

Seriously, this is going slow and we haven't even gotten to the slow part.  The peak, the small window, and the bay window that sticks out all add to the slowness.  I swear we nail two shingles in place and we then have to move the ladder.

Or fill an insulation hole with Styrofoam or rigid foam insulation.  To do this, R uses a hole cutter saw the same size as the hole to make a mark on the Styrofoam.  He then uses a knife or hacksaw blade to cut on the outside of the mark.  This makes the Styrofoam plug slightly larger than the hole.

Along with moving the ladder and filling insulation holes we also have to move the ledger board that we use to keep the rows of shingles straight.  You can see the ledger board in the photo above.  We also have to pull off the old shingles as we move along, remove any leftover shingle nails, and of course fix any missing felt paper.

Once we finish the field with shingles we will deal with the 1X4 trim and angled cuts.  This house has numerous peaks and each peak has a different trim.  It wasn't noticeable when the house was painted all one color but since the trim will be white and the field will be dark grey any inconsistency in trim will be noticeable.

Our shingle installation ended today around 530PM because of rain.  It was mostly sprinkles but since we were using tools with power cords we thought it best to call it quits.  I needed to run some errands so I left the house and 2 miles from my house I found a curbside treasure.  A quick call to R and it now sits in the bed of the truck and we will unload tomorrow.  I know the suspense is too much.

Update on the chemical free vegetation killer.  I've been spraying and spraying.  The vegetation dies but grows backs.  I'll continue to respray because each time the plants appear to be weaker and smaller.  The fleshier the plant, the harder it is to kill or even weaken.

I've been pulling the weakened weeds by hand but the crabgrass and sedge is unfaved entirely.  The only option I can think of is to loosen the dirt and hand pull, but any roots left behind will resprout.  Maybe cover in black plastic and try to kill the plants that way.  I'm spending a lot of time on this and making very little progress.

Here is the formula that I have been using.

1 gallon white vinegar
2 C Epsom salt
1/4 C blue Dawn dish soap

Let me know if you have a different recipe that has worked for you.  My fingers and fingernails can't take much more weed pulling.
 Grandma Cat says "These humans go up the ladder and down the ladder all day long."