Monday, August 18, 2014

Curbside Treasure

This is by far the heaviest curbside treasure that we have found to date. A vintage concrete curved bench.

The concrete bench is an exact match to the bench that we found buried in the yard.  That bench is straight and is now sitting along the narrow walkway that leads to our cast iron fountain.

We haven't decided on a location just yet.  First we need to do a light sandblasting to remove what is left of the black paint.  We prefer our concrete in it's natural state and have several bird baths that need their paint removed, too.  In time.

Today we worked on the shingles and we are almost done with the field but ran out of shingle nails.  I even checked the ground under the ladder and found 5 more nails.

 Grandma Cat says "These humans wear me out."

Tomorrow morning we pick up another super for the bee hive.  This means that R gets to play beekeeper for the first time when he adds the second super.