Saturday, August 30, 2014

In between the rain showers

It was a beautiful sunny morning.  I had visions of getting oodles done today.  I walked outside and thought to myself "kind of hot out" and then I turned around and as I turned the sun went behind a big dark cloud. In the time it took me to go to the mail box and return (with a bill in my hand...go figure) it had started to rain.

It rained hard for 15 minutes and then stopped.  Any other problem....but today I wanted to sand the trim and use electricity.  Both a NO NO when wet.  So change of plans.

I knew I could move the small concrete bird bath to the other side of the bed and then prepare the area for the concrete bench that R picked up curbside.  Of course I would need R to help because all the pieces were HEAVY but I could do the prep work.  Then the sun came out and it got HOT, like steamy hot.

R came home and we used the furniture dolly to move the bench.  The pedestals are heavy but easy to maneuver.  The top was a whole different story.  First off, it is heavy but on top (no pun intended) of that, it is cumbersome because it is curved.  We finally got it onto the dolly but of course the driveway is uphill (both ways...LOL) to where we were going and did I mention it was HOT!

First, we leveled the pedestals but then we realized that there was no way we could pick that heavy top up and place it on the pedestals.  So we used one of our favorite tools....the hydraulic floor jack.  We laid down a scrap piece of plywood so the top would slide on it and we would also be able to roll the floor jack on it.

Once we had the bench top positioned in front of the pedestals R lifted up the side of the bench top so it was standing on it's edge.  I then moved the floor jack next to the bench top and R lowered the top down onto the jack.  I then started raising the jack as R steadied the bench top.  Once we were higher than the pedestals, R slid one side onto one pedestal and then did the same with the other side.  I then helped him position it evenly on top of the pedestals.

Now came the true test.  Is it still level?  We leveled the pedestals but with the added weight we were not sure if it had sunk into the dirt.  R placed the level on the bench top.  He didn't look happy.  He moved the level 180 degrees and still didn't look happy.  I said "well?"  He said "well, look for yourself."  It was dead on level.  I asked him "how did we do that?"  He said "I don't know, but I'll take it."

After all this time I am still amazed when something works out...LOL  We will finish off the black mulch once I kill and remove the remaining crab grass.  The trumpet lilies will be moved later in the fall to an area where the deer cannot munch off the buds just before they open.  #ithappenseveryyear

Notice how it is sunny in the photo above.

We could not sand because the wood was still slightly damp so we moved on to another project in the same flower bed.  The remaining dogwood is copping a lean to the north.  The ice storm really put a lot of pressure on the dogwoods.  Only one of the three survived but I can't handle seeing a crooked tree every time I drive into the driveway.  So we decided we would stake the tree using our favorite method.....two metal fence posts, a section of old hose, and some rope.

R used a small sledge hammer to drive the two fence posts into the ground.  He was just about ready to add the rope and hose when I said, "we have to spray paint them black first."  R left to get the spray paint and by the time he was raining.  I swear I am not making this up.

It has rained on and off all evening and now into the night.  I just went outside and it is lightning to the south.

So on the agenda for tomorrow.

Plan A if it is dry.

1. sand the trim.
2. epoxy nail holes in the trim and the wood storm windows.
3. sand the epoxy smooth.
4. prime the trim and storm windows.

Plan B if it is damp outside

1. move the dirt on the east side of the garden shed.
2. lay the flag stone walkway.
3. plant the remaining hosta plants on the east side
4. plant the remaining irises on the corner of the garden shed.