Thursday, August 21, 2014

Curbside Treasure

Wow....R is on a hot streak.  I was shocked when he said "look what I picked up today."  He said it caught his eye because it was sitting on top of a closed trash container.  Most of the time when you see that, it indicates that the item is too good to throw away but that they no longer want it.
Look at that.  A plein air easel and paint set.  It took me a while to figure out how to unfold the legs but once I figured it all made sense.  Included in the set is an easel, mixing palette, carrying strap, a brush, oil paints, acrylic paints, and watercolor paints.
About 3/4 of the stuff that R finds I either CraigsList or donate to Goodwill.  I think I'll keep this one.
R is a lot like a shark who has to keep moving.  R's wheels on his truck are constantly in motion and because of this he covers a lot of miles. I'm the opposite.   I take the shortest distance and if I don't have to leave the house...I don't.
Again, Grandma Cat wasn't really impressed.  She doesn't know it just yet, but she is going to move in with my mother who needs the companionship and Grandma Cat needs a home.  Grandma Cat showed up last November just before the snow started to fall.  We kept her fed and as warm as we could in the barn during the winter. Once spring had sprung we got to know her better and tried to find her humans.  She's a smart cat that knows a lot of words but she really wants to be the only cat (we have two indoor cats who demand that the world revolves around them) and we think that she was an indoor cat.  So an indoor cat she will be, again. Grandma Cat will soon be Condo Cat.
This is a first for my mother.  She has never had a pet inside the house and until Grandma Cat, she never petted a cat.  Grandma Cat will have to train Grandma (my mother) but I am sure Grandma Cat will be spoiled.  My mother has already been buying up kitty stuff.  So after Labor Day, R will take my mother and Grandma Cat to the vet and then she goes to the kitty spa for the works.

Once Grandma Cat is living with Grandma (my mother) the tally for relocating cats will be 11 since May. We have a boy cat that is a real sweetie who is on the shy side, that we would really like to find a home. The ideal situation would be with someone who has cat experience and can work with Morrie and give him a lot of attention.  He loves to sit on your lap and is just a good little boy.

Tomorrow we are back to working on the shingles.  R removed the trim piece under the drip edge on the left side.  It went fairly fast because we were not trying to save the trim because it was cracked and rotted.  He used a chisel to split it and then used a pneumatic grinder to cut off any nails that he couldn't pull out.  We then moved the ladder to the other side and he started to remove that trim.  Amazingly, 3/4 of it came down in one piece.  He stepped down the ladder to get the last 2 feet of trim and was promptly stung by a hornet That is 3 hornet stings this summer for R.

I don't know what to do since we are no longer using pesticides and insecticides in our yard.  I did purchase a vintage wasp jar several years ago for catching wasps.  I think I read somewhere to put Dr. Pepper in it.  I wonder what box of stuff the wasp jar is in and will I be able to get to the box.