Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We're back.....more cedar shingle installation

I thought this day would never get here.  Work ground to a halt over a year ago when it became apparent that all of our ladders were too short and the scaffolding that we have wouldn't work either.

Last Sunday my sister mentioned that they have a 32 foot extension ladder.  Well, that became a game changer.  Our plan was to stop at Menards, after leaving her house, to price ladders but we weren't exactly sure what length of ladder we would need.  So last night we drove to the boonies (that's where my sister lives) and brought home their 32 footer so we could test drive it.

In a nutshell....R loves their 32 foot fiberglass ladder.  It's heavy but he says it feels real solid when he climbs up it.  He's the climber and I am the shingle cutter/tool hander/nail getter.

It is surprising how long it takes to get all the tools assembled again when you restart a project.  After abut three or four trips back into the house, I think we have everything we need.  We installed about 8 shingles before we ran out.  We didn't actually run out but all we had were narrow shingles left in the bin.  So tomorrow I'll buy a couple of new bundles.

We also made the decision to transplant the hydrangea bushes that are in front of the dining room bay window.  They grow too high and are in the way of storm window removal.  In keeping with the same plant theme that is in front of the house we will plant carpet roses because they are low.  But then I really like the tall pink/purple/white phlox that I have growing all over the yard.  These plants were growing in the yard when we purchased the house.  They are age appropriate for a house of the 20's and 30's, they smell great, and the bees loves them.

The next three days have good weather in the forecast with lots of sun.  Then they are predicting 5 days of rain.  So we need to try and finish this peak before the rain.

This week is the annual Back to the Brick car show/cruise.  Flint and the surrounding suburbs are filled to the max with vintage cars.  The downtown area of Flint has a lot of events planned and it looks like they will have good weather.  This is a chance to show off all of the improvements that have been made in the downtown area.  It reminds me of the time when I was young and you could go downtown and window shop, buy candy, and just hang out and enjoy all the sights.  Flint has come a long way and they have so much more planned for the future.