Saturday, August 23, 2014

Shingles and flip flops

There's an old adage that says you learn something new every day.  You know what I learned today? Climbing a ladder while wearing cheap flip flops is difficult.  Wearing good flip flops and climbing a ladder is tricky but do it in cheap flip flops that are on their last flip and flop and are living dangerously.

It took us a good 7 hours today to finish the shingles and trim board on the left side of the peak.  I wish I knew how many times R and I walked up and down that ladder.  I seriously thought we would not finish the left side but once the sun went behind the trees and we were working in the shade, we really picked up speed.

The first thing that we did today was to go through the scrap plywood and find the thickness that we needed to shim out the 1x4 trim piece so that it was flush with the existing 1x4 corner trim.  We ripped long pieces of 3 inch wide boards out of paneling that I think was 3/16th thick.  That was a scrap piece from a demo and it was stained to match the wood paneling so it was probably from one of the kitchen demos.

We air nailed the shim in place.  Next was cutting the angle on the end of the trim board that would go in the very top of the peak.  R used a small torpedo level to find vertical and scribed a line.  When he adjusted the blade on the saw he found out the angle was 45 degrees.  Once it was cut, he held the trim board in place at the peak while I marked it for length at the other end.  We then nailed it in place.

We started filling in the shingles at the edge of each row.  Every one was a custom angled cut and because we shimmed out the trim board we were able to tuck the shingle under the trim.

The trim we removed was installed like a piece of crown moulding and because of this we have a space of about an inch between the drip edge and the trim.   I have an idea but that will be the last two pieces that we install because I need to first try out a couple of designs.  But don't worry....I'll use scrap wood.

Grandma Cat said it was too hot to shingle so she slept under the rose bushes where it was cool but close enough to hear if someone was opening a can of cat food.  The proverbial kitty sweet spot.