Saturday, April 24, 2010

Don't Ask....Don't Tell


This is one of those times in life where you think...."I should have paid better attention in school." But even that would not have helped us yesterday when we were cutting the crown molding for the dining room bay window.

In a perfect world the dining room bay windows would be symmetrical and there would have been just 2 different angles....the outside corners would have the same angle and the two center angles would also be the same.....nope, not at Gear Acres.

The outside corners were close at 34 and 35 degrees but the two inside angles were not close. One was 16 degrees and the other was 21 degrees. R thinks the discrepancy was because the fascia board appeared to be slightly warped which skewed the angle.

All that is important is that we were able to nail it in place and that in the end it looks good. As long as you don't tell anyone that the angles are not the same, no one will know. Kind of a version of "Don't ask...don't tell." Oops! I told. Forget what you just read.......Repeat after me...."I know nothing." We have two pieces left to install. The pieces have already been cut but first R needed to epoxy a small area on the fascia board.At the end of the day we both had headaches.


Today we were able to finish up before the rain started at 5PM.

Here is a photo of the epoxy before R started sanding it down.
In this photo he is sanding the epoxy so that it is smooth and undetectable once it is painted.
The finished crown molding installed. This particular trim cannot be seen unless you are up close because the roof shingles obscure the view. We replaced the trim that was there because we were missing one piece and another piece was nearly rotted completely through.
We are pleased with the results despite the fact that it was a brain drain and required numerous trips up and down the ladder. The bottoms of my feet actually were sore Saturday morning from going up and down the ladder all day Friday.

Today we started a garden project. We ripped down a pile of old 2 X 6's that we had saved from an earlier demo project. The 2 X 6's were ripped into lengths 1 3/4 inches wide. My plan is to make tall tomato cages. More on this project as it develops.

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