Sunday, April 18, 2010

Doors Doors Doors

It seems that lately everything we do is door related. Last weekend we removed the ugly aluminum storm door that was on the back door. The aluminum door is off to the scrap yard.In it's place we will install a wood storm door I purchased last year from a ReHabitiat store in Battle Creek. But first there are several things that need to happen.

First, I need to strip the white paint off the wood storm door.....oh...oh....under the white paint is red paint. Both the white paint and red are proving difficult to remove. Also it seems the other side is white paint over navy paint over red paint and it is coming off just as slowly.I also need to epoxy the hinge mortises and door handle holes because this door is hinged on the wrong side. Once the holes are filled and the paint removed, I can sand and prime the door.

Second, I need to strip the trim and door jamb. This took several hours because the wind kicked up and was blowing all the heat away from my heat gun. I've completed the paint removal and just need to fill some holes with epoxy and then sand the entire door jamb and frame.The door looks much improved without that ugly aluminum storm. This particular door is a Dutch door. You might also be able to see the outlines of the large decorative metal straps that need to go back on the door. I might put those back on just so I don't lose a screw. I can always remove them again when I stain the door.

Upon closer inspection we realized that the threshold needs to be replaced before the storm door can be installed. R will need to do this before he can rebuild the step. But first it is back to paint removal.