Friday, April 16, 2010

Thrifty Trinket

I usually try to stay away from garage sales. I have too much stuff now without adding to it. But every now and again a garage will beckon my name and I can't ignore it.

On Thursday, while I was running errands, I saw an estate sale sign. I almost stopped but talked myself out of it. Two hours later I found myself driving by that same sign. This time I couldn't resist.

I walked around and picked up a 25 cent sewing tin and a brand new mercury glass Christmas ornament for 50 cent. I was on my way to pay the garage sale lady when I realized that I had not checked out the other side of the glassware table.

A quick trip to the other side netted me a great find for 50 cent.Isn't it great? A small cloche and in green seeded glass on top of it.
I see these cloche or bell jars in magazines and design blogs. It's one of those items that you would like to add to your decorating treasure trove but just do not want to pay $29.99 for it.

Just for kicks, I sat it on a lace rimmed milk glass plate and it was just adorable. Now I just have to decide what to put under it.