Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kitchen/Hallway French Door

R asked me tonight if we can do something tomorrow that doesn't involve saw dust. Sorry R, no can do. One door to go.

The kitchen/hallway French door took two days to install. We first needed to trim a tad off the top so that it would fit the out of square door opening.We then needed to sand here and there so that the door would have a consistent margin around the door. Look at all the saw dust on the floor.
We then installed the vintage hinges I purchased on eBay. We decided to wait on installing the vintage glass door knobs until later just in case we need to sand some more.

Here is a photo of the door taken from the hallway.
And the view of the new door from the kitchen. Knotty pine, anyone? Visualize the knotty pine painted white. Are you visualizing or just humoring me????
Friday's plan......start installing the door between the hallway and the game room. Saturday's plan is for R to go to the race track with G for practice and to dial in G's sprint car.

Here is a link to a U Tube video of the Michigan Traditional Sprint Car Series 2009 Year in Review. That is the series R raced with last year and won Rookie of the Year despite being one of if not the oldest driver. See if you can pick out B, G, R, and extra points for picking out R's sprint car on the track. Make sure you check out Jack Hewitt's two seat sprint car. He actually takes people for a spin around the track. I was at a race track where you had to pay to enter a raffle for a chance to ride in it. The person that won changed their mind and they had to pull another ticket. Too scary for me that's for sure.