Friday, April 30, 2010

What A Day!!!

Today was a glorious day. The temperature hit 80 degrees on this last day of April. The only drawback was that it was sooooo windy. But I'll take windy over snow and cold any day. But I really need just one day without wind or rain to get a small list of projects completed.

R and I ran to Tractor Supply and Home Depot in Fenton, today. At TSC I needed to pick up some fencing for the project I am working on that involves those boards we cut the other day. I practically had to drag R away from the little chicks. Seriously, they are so cute.

We then swung by Home Depot for Scott's black mulch. Last year they charged 5 bucks a bag and they never went on sale. This year all bags of mulch are on sale for $3.88 each including the pricey Scott's mulch. We bought 20 bags of mulch and one hosta plant (Cherry Berry). Oh oh...I'm talking garden stuff and Officer Yvonne from the blog police is going to bust me!!!

Officer Yvonne please allow me to clarify something a wrote about the other day. Remember this photo?I was complaining that the two irises were purple and that the tag said deep wine red. Well now look at them. One is still purple but the other is kind of on the wine side.
Purple iris.
Wine colored iris.
OK Officer Yvonne, I promise to put all further garden related posts on my garden blog.

On a totally different topic. Racing. G (our son) starts his racing season tomorrow night when he fields the Kanrock Tire, Races on the Web, and Bryant Engine Building winged sprint car at Crystal Speedway. G will be running with the SOD (Sprints on Dirt) series this year. R (husband) will probably race here and there but he isn't committing to a lot of races this summer.If you are confused as to who is who. G races the sprint car with the awning (wing) and R races topless (wingless).

Good luck to both.