Monday, April 12, 2010

Game Room/Hallway Door Installed

Last Friday we installed a new French door in the opening between the hallway and game room.

This opening had a door at one time. We know this because of the witness mark of long ago removed hinges. Just like the other openings that were sans their doors, this one too, had been hinged on the opposite side. Whoever hinged these doors many many moons ago, hinged them on the wrong side. Which in turn made the door awkward to use or at the very least the door was in the way. So how did they remedy that problem? Remove the doors. Of course they didn't save the doors so we are always on the lookout for replacement doors, hinges, and door knobs.I know that two of the three bedrooms upstairs have doors that swing out rather than swing into the room. When I get to the paint removal upstairs we will hinge the doors correctly on the appropriate side.

Our door installation on Friday went fairly quickly. The door did not need to be trimmed nor sanded. The only bad part was that about halfway through the installation I started to feel ill. I have spent the last three days in bed with the cold from hell. I would estimate that it has been five years since my last cold.

Having spent the last three days in bed watching TV has made me realize that there is nothing to watch on TV. Lucky for me this past week was Disaster Week on the SyFi Network. It was very informative. Did you know that the moon is going to develop a large crevice but before the space shuttle can blast off a category 5 hurricane will almost stop Stephen Baldwin from welded the moon back together again. No really.

The next disaster was an asteroid headed right towards the earth. The solution this time was to use three jet fighters equipped with lasers to blast the asteroid to pieces but...there's always a of the jets is damaged as it takes off and encounters a.....can you believe this.....a hurricane. All is well though and they blast the asteroid to smithereens only to have little asteroids rain down on Dallas.

The next disaster was right in my neck of the woods...the Midwest. Seems a large tornado producing front meets up with a large front that is over Lake Michigan. The Lake Michigan front has hurricane force winds and when it meets the tornado producing front coming from the south, it produces a Cat 6 storm over Chicago.

By this time, I have seen enough bad acting to last me a lifetime. But there's more. Another asteroid is heading for earth. This time they blow it up with a nuclear warhead. Unfortunately it breaks into 3 large pieces. Two pieces completely miss the earth but the third blows by earth so closely that it pulls the earth slightly out of orbit. This immediately causes the temperature to soar because we are now closer to the sun. I have no idea how this ended but I am sure it had something to do with a hurricane because from what I saw this weekend.....whenever you have asteroids, meteors, or comets you will have hurricanes.

Which brings me back to "The Gear". Just like where there were meteors there were hurricanes, here at "The Gear" where there were doors at one time you will find doors that were hinged on the wrong side.