Saturday, April 17, 2010

Scored a Wood Storm Door

I emailed a seller on Craigs List about some wood windows and after several emails I found out that they also had several older doors and some wood storm windows. I made arrangements to look at the doors and windows on Saturday.

So today I drove to Davison Michigan to look at the doors and windows. Most of the windows were casement windows that were in great shape but unfortunately I was on the look out for double hung sashes. He had several but they were not the correct size.

I asked about storm windows and he pointed to a handful. All were too narrow but one caught my eye. I whipped out my tape measure and quickly measured. Just my size!!!!

I then realized I hadn't asked about the doors yet. He showed me an exterior door that wasn't my style and 2 older pocket doors but I didn't need those either. There were several doors left and I noticed that one was a wood storm door. I needed a 32 inch wide door for my kitchen door. So I whipped out my tape measure again.

Holy cow today was my lucky day. Not only was the door 32 inches wide but it was hinged on the correct side AND still had the original door handle and lock.

Total cost for storm door and storm window 25 bucks.I was able to fully strip one side and partially strip the other side.
The glass insert will need to be stripped, disassembled, and glued back together but all the parts and glass are there.