Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Scraping

I spent yesterday scraping and stripping paint off the cedar shingles on the dining room bay window. Not only does the paint have to be removed from the face of the shingle but also the bottom edge.

Here is a photo of a shingle edge before scraping.And here is a photo after the edge was scraped.
The paint removing is going slow because I also need to remove paint from in between the shingles. Over the years paint has built up between the shingles causing the shingles to bow when they expand due to humidity. Sometimes the shingles do not lay back down flat after the humidity goes away because they get caught on old paint.

It appears that the last several coats of paint were painted without much prep work being done. New paint was laid over chipped and peeling paint, over dirt, and even over partially missing shingles.

R removed the trim piece from around the top of the dining room bay window. The small piece closest to the face of the house was missing and the adjacent piece was rotted on the end. I am hoping to find the same trim piece at Home Depot. If I do I will only need to buy 4 feet. If I cannot locate the exact same trim I will need to buy 14 feet of something similar. Either way the trim needed to come off so I could strip the paint. The weather forecast said rain today. The sky is cloudless. So I guess it is time to mow again.