Tuesday, April 20, 2010


R picked up two old (Victorian era) doors out of some one's trash today. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the doors.

We removed the old hardware and R stored the doors in the barn. Unfortunately when they removed the doors only the door side hinge was left attached. Both doors are missing their jamb side hinge. Too bad. The hinges are cast iron with a decorative pattern.

I picked up where I left off yesterday with scraping the paint off the dining room bay window area. The heat gun worked far better today than it did yesterday. Due to the wind and cold temperatures yesterday the going was slow. Today the wind was minimal and the temps were hovering in the high 50's low 60's. I scraped until my arm said "ENOUGH!"While I scraped R worked in the mudroom area. He thought he was finished when he pulled up the last of the vinyl until I pointed out that there was still underlayment that needed to be pulled up. He was not happy.He was able to remove the underlayment but his hands said "ENOUGH!" so he stopped. Tomorrow he will finish picking up the mess and pull all the nails.Enough said.......Nite.