Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A quick painting scraping update

Today was a very productive day.

The first project was to frame in the rough opening for the double doors that will be installed in the shed. We, again, were lucky because we used the 2X4s that we saved from the cold air return demo.

Once the rough opening was framed, R started to install the last of the old shed flooring.  I think he used two new pieces from our stash of new wood flooring. Of course we didn't use our best pieces because it is just a shed floor that is already painted.

While he worked on the shed, I moved indoors and finished removing the last of the paint off the wall where the cold air return was located.  I also found some new long pieces of oak flooring in our flooring scrap pile.  We will use these to repair the floor where the cold air return was located.

Tomorrow if the weather is good enough to work outside, we will reinstall the sheathing on the shed along with the felt paper.  If we still have time we will work on installing the jamb.

If the weather is bad then we move inside.  R will work on the floor and I will remove paint from the walls in the small vestibule.  Working on paint removal in a small area is hot work so I try not to work in the vestibule in the summer.  This is the perfect time of year to work on that project. Unfortunately the paint in that area doesn't come off easily.