Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Threshold Tweaking

Another day of paint scraping in the living room.  I am getting close to the NW corner and the closer I get to the NW corner, the closer I get to the area of the square crack.

R tweaked the threshold today after he got home.   Tomorrow I will mark where the door trim will extend to so that we can cut the ends of the threshold off to the correct length.
It's looking like we have some better weather coming our way for three or four days so we will have to make the most of what will probably be the last good weather we have this year.

We also need to winterize the yard.  The three concrete bird baths need emptying and the tops turned upside down.  Glass tops on the patio furniture needs to be brought into the basement along with the glass gazing balls.

I was given a pot full of Asian lily bulbs that I need to plant and I would like to cut back some of my perennials.  But I think I will be lucky to get the bulbs planted.

It seems like just last week it was 90 degrees.