Saturday, October 26, 2013

New stapler and reused materials

Today we finished installing the tar paper.  We would have finished that task yesterday but our stapler exploded.  It was old and this past summer it took a tumble off the roof of the shed. Unfortunately the tumble cracked the housing and the crack kept getting longer and larger until the entire stapler flew apart mid staple.

So this morning we went to Home Depot and bought a stapler.  Deciding on which one took longer than we thought it would take.  Do we spend a lot of $$$'s?  Do we buy a metal one or one with a plastic housing?  Do we buy the same style we had previously or the more traditional one where you squeeze down on the back of the handle instead of the front of the handle?  I'm sure the sales clerks were thinking "my gosh it's a frigging stapler not a car."  But you know we use our stapler a lot. We use it for crafts, home repair, and construction.

So we settled on a mid price, metal housing, and rear squeeze handle.  Worked like a charm and we finished the tar paper installation.

The next step was finding a board in the scrap pile for our threshold.  There is only enough clearance for a threshold made out of a 1X but I wanted the look of a thicker board.  So we went back to the scrap pile and found another 1X that we could use to rip a 2 inch wide piece.  We then glued and air nailed this piece under the front of the threshold to give it the appearance of a 2X.

And last but not least we moved the doors out to the shed so that they are ready and available for installation when and if it doesn't rain or snow this weekend.
Money spent today was just $17.99 for s stapler.  The tar paper we used was free because R found a partial roll in someone's trash.  The wood we used was from our scrap pile.  And of course the doors were a freebie and they even have heavy duty hinges still attached.