Thursday, October 24, 2013 pellets

Wow, it was far colder today than I thought it was going to be when we went outside to work on the shed.  At one point the sun was shining but little ice pellets were falling from the sky.  So cold weather=slow progress.

We did finish the sheathing but didn't get the tar paper hung.  The sheathing that we used or should I say....reused, was removed when we demoed the front of the shed.  Every piece but one had to be custom cut which meant that the board was marked and then taken inside, cut, and back outside again.  R said he figured out that he went up and down the deck stairs (about 12 steps) 52 times.

After all the sheathing was installed we had 5 small broken pieces left over so again we did not spend any $$$.  Yippee.

I'm really not looking forward to installing the jamb and hanging the doors.  The doors are heavy and difficult to move and position.  But they were free so I shouldn't complain.

Unless we get a warm spell in the next few weeks, I really doubt if I will be able to prime and paint the front of the shed.  I will be really really disappointed because I want to cross this project off my list.  As in done, completed, finished. Painting is a must before we can hang the eave trough and downspout.  We just replaced the sill on the front of the shed because of water damage so keeping the water away from the foundation is a priority.

So tomorrow's agenda is tar paper and jamb installation.  Back up plan if it rains is to fix the flooring and more paint scraping.