Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The doors are hung

The doors are installed.  We really like how they look on the shed.  I knew they would look great but R wasn't sure.  He just doesn't have the ability to envision how something will look before it is implemented.

We also installed the trim around the door.  This trim is the original trim that was around the original two single doors. Before we re installed, we stripped off the many paint layers off and then sanded.  It doesn't sound like a big deal but it took R and I a whole day to strip the paint off and sand the boards we used for the jambs and trim.

What's left to do?

*We need to tweak the doors so they don't rub on the threshold and not touch in the middle.

*Install the astragal.

*Install the door handle.

*Install the hardware that keeps the stationary door......well stationary.

*Install the cedar shingles.

*Prime and paint the shingles.

*Prime and paint the trim.  I'll paint the doors next spring.

*Install the eave trough and downspout.

Bad's suppose to rain for the next 4 days.

BTW....I planted all my bulbs I can check that off my list.