Monday, October 28, 2013

Jamb and threshold installed

The threshold took several days to finish because we had to wait until the glue dried.  We made it out of recycled wood so it was as Annette commented in a previous post....Yay for fiscally neutral projects!
R cut a slight bevel on the interior edge of the threshold to ease the transition and maybe help eliminate a trip hazard.
The jambs are also made out of recycled wood from the demo of the basement stairs project from the early summer.  I needed to use the heat gun to remove the many layers of paint and then R sanded the boards before we could cut to size.  We actually like the look of used lumber because sometimes new lumber has hard edges and just looks out of place on an old structure.

Both the jambs and the threshold are in place and held with just several small finishing nails.  We will permanently nail it in place once the doors are attached and we know everything is square and margins are all the same around each door.

We were able to mark where the hinges need locating and R will do that tomorrow after we run errands in the morning and early afternoon.  So I am anticipating just one door getting installed on Monday.

I removed more paint today in the living room.  No big surprises today but I did decide that we will replace all the base board in the living room and dining room. It's a mishmash of new and old boards and I can use the old pieces to repair where the cold air return was removed.  I'm just guessing but I think the old was removed when they installed the heat runs in the walls and I again am guessing that they probably damaged the wood when they removed it.

The original wide base boards is fir.  They patched it with pine.  Not only was the pine NOT clear but the edge was sharp and the original base boards had a radius on the top edge.  We'll purchase poplar because it's clear, paints nicely, and the trim will be painted white.   The trim in the dining room was always painted and never varnished or shellacked.  The trim in the living was originally finished but it had many many many layers of paint on it so it looks like the natural wood look didn't last for very long.

I have about a weeks worth of paint removal before I come upon the area that might be the location of another niche.  I'm unsure how I feel about a niche in that area.  I really wanted to place my upright secretary in that location to balance the wood door that is located on the other side of the fireplace.