Saturday, October 19, 2013

More shed work before the rain

We finished up some much needed shed basement work today just minutes before it started raining again.

Yesterday I stopped by Home Depot and picked up some joist hangers and corner supports so that we could use them today.  Some of the joists were replaced at some point but as usual they left the old rotted ones in place so we had to jack those up and screw them to the newer joists.  We also added a couple of shims to lift the joists up a tad so the floor would be level or should I say...closer to level.

Over by the access door there was a joist that was just nailed into the framing around the access door. Nails never stay tight in those situations and the joist was starting to sag away from the access door framing.  We added a joist hanger and corner braces around the access door framing.
Pump gone.  Wires hanging on the wall are for the new pressure tank.  R wanted to leave them attached to the old pressure switch so that he would know how to attach them to the new tank.
This tank is now over in the corner waiting to be cut in two.  Our new pressure tank will sit in this location.  Notice dry and walnut shell free floor.

I did one final sweep of the floor which is still dry dry dry.....yippee.  We think that the eave trough and downspout that we added on the back has helped keep water from pooling near the foundation.  When we finish the front of the shed we will also add an eave trough and downspout on the front.

Oh boy....bottom of the 7th and we are up 2-1. Fingers crossed.  Go Tigers.