Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cold Air Return Monolith Bye Bye

We moved indoors when it started raining today.  The beauty of having multiple projects in progress is that there is ALWAYS something we can work on whether it's hot, cold, rainy, or sunny.  Lucky us.

So we picked up where we left off with the ugly duct work.  It was fairly easy to remove since it was just nailed though the flange on the floor and then held with one tiny sheet metal screw to a strap on the wall.

Oh but the fun didn't end there.  Once the duct was removed there it was in all it's glory.  The cold air return that is used for the first floor furnace.  Maybe I need to explain.  This house has two furnaces. One larger furnace for the first floor and a smaller furnace for the second floor.  Each of course has it's own cold air returns.

It seems that they attached the cold air returns from the second floor to the cold air return going to the first floor furnace.  This might explain why it's so cold on the second floor.

But seeing that wall with all that pink paint and caulk on it......was really more than I could handle.  I just had to get my gun out....heat gun so don't call the restoration cops on me.....and started removing that pink paint.  Ahhhhh it's looking better already.
Look at that arch.
But wait.....what's this?  It appears that at the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling, there isn't any paint.  Looks like originally a smaller type of trim was up there.  Gee, I wish I knew what it looked like before they installed the crown.

Oh wait....look here. What's that behind the crown?  Looks like the old trim.  From what I can see, it looks like it was always painted.  I'll have to investigate more, once I get up on the ladder to remove the wall paint.