Friday, May 2, 2014

Vintage Water Cooler

One of my 2012 Christmas presents, from my husband, was this vintage water cooler.
He says that it is getting harder and harder each year to find me something different.  I would say this is very unique.
R found it at a local antique shop.  He said he was unsure exactly what it was but knew he had never seen one before.  After closer inspection he realized it was a vintage water cooler but it was missing the glass water bottle.  He thought that would not be a big deal to find because you see them all the time....right?  More on that later.
What makes this water cooler so unique is the spill bowl.  We have also seen similar set ups with a ceramic top instead of a bottle but this one did not have a top.  I was thrilled with the gift and set upon looking for a glass water bottle to finish it off.  It was then that I found that the price of water bottles has skyrocketed or they just knew I was looking for one.
I found several very large ones but they were bigger than the crock part and just would not look correct.  Every bottle that I came across was at least 99 bucks so I kept looking.  I finally found one on Etsy for $49.00 with free shipping.  I pulled the trigger on that one and waited for it's arrival.....and waited.....and waited.....and waited.  It never arrived and the seller had to refund my money.  My guess is that the bottle broke along the way and was disposed of by the post office.  The seller sent it parcel post which tends to be ground shipping and slow.  

Over the last year I have looked on and off for a water bottle.  Since the water cooler was stored and not ready to be displayed just yet there didn't seem to be a rush.  I also wanted a certain style of water bottle. The bottle had to be a 5 gallon or smaller and I liked the bottles that have a design in the glass.

I finally found one on for pick up only.  I was momentarily bummed about pick up only until I saw that it was located in Grand Rapids Michigan.  So yesterday 'The Mom' and I drove to Grand Rapids in the rain to pick up the bottle.

Tomorrow I will disassemble the water cooler and store it until the kitchen is painted.  R is going to sandblast the stand so I can repaint it and the water bottle needs to be cleaned with some Lime Away.

On a side note.....I stepped on the air hose to our nail gun this afternoon and twisted my ankle.  The hose and floor are very close in color and I didn't see it when I was cleaning up for the day.  I heard a loud crack and thought for sure it was broke but it's not.  It hurts and it's swollen but I can walk on it so all is good. I'm going to try and garner some sympathy and see if R will drive to the nearest 7-11 and get me a Vernors Slurpee.  Only Michigan people will probably know what Vernors is, but if you are ever in Michigan, make sure you try a bottle of Vernors.  Do not chug it and I'll leave it at that.
For more Vernors trivia.......VERNORS

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