Thursday, May 15, 2014

A little curbside treasure

I am forever amazed at my husband's eyesight.  He can spot the tiniest of items while speeding along at the max speed limit.  I've been in the truck with him, when he has slammed on the brakes, slid into a dirt driveway, thrown it in reverse, and backed out before I can even say "what in the hell are you doing?"  I know now not to even ask.

Well today he came home and said, "look what I found in someone's trash."  Not seeing anything I said "what? is it out in the truck?"  He said "no.  Hold out your hand."  I immediately think....oh boy he's found a large diamond ring or a large ruby ring or a large diamond necklace.  Notice how all my gem fantasies are all large.

Imagine my surprise when he hands me this......

Now being a gear head myself, I can appreciate a cool gauge.  The first thing I noticed was the shape. Oval is rarer than the traditional round shape and I mentioned that to my husband when all of a sudden it hit me. "Oh my gosh.....this will work perfect in a pizza oven or a solar oven!"

This is a temperature gauge.  See the thermocouple sticking out of the back.

So like all the other odd and ends that we have stashed away for future projects....this too will need to be stashed away.  I still haven't found the lock set and door handle for the kitchen door that I set aside so I wouldn't misplace it. I know it's somewhere in a yellow cigar box but where is the question.

Now back to my husband's eyesight.  He can spot the smallest of things on the side of the road but doesn't see the empty toilet paper roll or the coffee that he has spilled all down the front of the white cabinet or the trail of saw dust he has brought in from the work room.  Shaking my head.

If you are wondering why he didn't bring home the entire outdoor grill, it wasn't because he didn't want to...believe me.  He loves scraping them.  The older ones are cast aluminum and bring a good price from the scraper.  But his truck was full of bags of black wood chips.

Has anyone built an outdoor pizza oven or a solar oven??? I have some solar oven plans pinned on Pinterest under my Build Board.

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