Saturday, May 17, 2014

Surprise $$$$ in the mail

I always love it when I get an unexpected check in the mail UNLIKE an unexpected bill which lately I get more.

Rarely, do I go to a store to shop for clothes. Come to think about it, the only stores I physically go to these days are home improvement stores, hardware stores, and lumber yards.  Since I shop online, I try to utilize award programs or online coupons when possible.  One of my favorites is Ebates.  So far I have received over $114 in checks from Ebates for items I was going to purchase whether I received money back or not.

For once my crappy photography skills worked in my favor, by obscuring vital info.
Here's how you, too, can start saving.  Go to Ebates using this link (I get credit for sending people as you will, too) and sign up.  When you are ready to buy online, go to Ebates and see if that online store is listed. Click on the store link and it will take you to the store's online shop and will automatically credit your Ebates account with whatever % cash back your online store is offering.  Once you reach $10.00, Ebates will automatically send you a big fat check.

ALSO....once you have made a $25 purchase using Ebates, you will be given a $10.00 gift card that you can chose from Macy's, Kohl.s, Target, or Walmart.  If you are a could take that Walmart or Target gift card and pair it with coupons and a sale and end up with a basket full of goodies for very little $$$$.

Currently, until May 19th, some stores are offering up to 15% cash back.  Also, if you are planning a trip, Ebates offers cash back on travel using Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, and more. is one of the online sites currently offering up to 15% off.  That's one of my favorite sites for restaurant coupons.  eBay is another online site and heavens knows I buy on there occasionally.....LOL.

I've been very happy with Ebates.  On a side note...if you are worried about getting spam Ebates is not one of those sites that spams you every other day.