Thursday, May 8, 2014

Just what I need.....

......a fractured ankle with a bone chip.

The doctor says to stay off my feet.  Yea right.  This is the time of year when we can either make progress or we can let the yard and exterior get away.  We mowed today and luckily the brake pedal is on the side with my good foot.

Speaking of the yard.  I spent 3 hours picking up twigs and branches last week.  We had a storm move through here last night and it looks like I haven't picked up a single twig.  That tells me that there will e a rain of twigs all summer because of the damage done to the trees this past winter.

Yesterday we made some progress on the cabinet desk unit.  We really like how it is coming around and so far we have a little less than 15 bucks invested into it.  The one thing I am noticing is that I am going to have A LOT of counter space and one can never ever have too much counter space.

Another thing I have noticed is that there will be a lot of sanding and filling of nail holes.  That's the downside of reusing lumber.  Of course the upside is the cost savings.
 The photo below shows the board that connects the two cabinets and forms the front of the desk.
We still need to tweak one of the doors, add the handles, add the magnets that keep the doors closed, add boards to support the counter in the area of the desk, and of course finish the open shelves.
And look at these little faces.  R has started feeding them the gravy from canned cat food.  They love it.  He uses the lid to a coffee cup for a dish.  They are really starting to get around and are just about to go over the side of the box.  Time to get a taller box.


  1. Sorry to hear about the ankle and hope that you heal quickly.

    Remember with counter space, clutter will expand to fill all available space. :-)

    Everything is looking great and the kittens are adorable.

  2. I hope your ankle heals quickly. Good time for a book and your favorite beverage outside in the sun.

  3. I know about those sticks and have been told in the past that I should "take it easy" (back problems), but how can you take it easy when you have sooooo many sticks to pick up! Impossible!

    Sorry about your ankle. Hope it heals quick enough.

    How will you paint the cabinets? Will you consider how we did ours? Or will you roll?

  4. The walls and cabinets will all be the same color of ultra white in semi gloss. We'll roll and use a brush. Of course will be have to use several coats of primer first to seal that knotty pine.


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