Sunday, May 4, 2014

Kitchen Build Update

We've made good progress on the desk & book shelf project in the kitchen.  Our wood pile is getting smaller and smaller as we use our wood from previous demos.  I spent quite a lot of time today looking for 1X wood that could be ripped to the correct widths for stiles and rails.

The photo below shows the single cabinet before we installed the door.  This cabinet will be to the left of the corner desk.

 And here it is after we cut down an old door.
We were able to install the rails and stiles on the right side cabinets before we quit for the day.  R wanted to watch the Detroit/Royals game that was on TV at 6PM.

It is very difficult to get good photos because the wood just soaks up all the light and makes some detail not even detectable.  This is one of the main reasons I want to paint everything bright white.

The cabinet building will probably be on the back burner on Sunday and Monday because the forecast is for NO RAIN!!!!  We need to rake so whenever the weather is accommodating for raking we will rake until the leaves and branches are all picked up.

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  1. The kitchen is coming along nicely. The wood floor will look great once finished.

    The water cooler from the previous post is very, well... cool. It's such a classic.

    Hope your ankle is better.


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