Monday, May 5, 2014

Time for a lumber run

We made very good progress on our cabinets today.  There was a late start because we made a run to buy black mulch that was on sale today.  Twenty bags were purchased today and we might purchase another 20 tomorrow.  The mulch is used only in 3 areas but they are large areas.  R thought we used 30 bags, just for the hosta bed, the last time we bought mulch.

Once we arrived back home, we unloaded and then started on the cabinets rather than raking.  The wind was blowing fairly briskly and the thought of chasing leaves around the yard in temperatures that are below normal for this time of year was not high on my list today.  So inside we stayed.

The cabinet doors still need to be attached but that is not a big thing.  We added more blocking, installed the toe kick panel, and finished the inside of the book shelf area so that it is ready for the shelf.  There is a piece of base board that needs to be cut for the corner and I think I can find a piece in the wood pile.  Then there is also the panel that we need to fabricate to connect the separate cabinets and which will form the front of the corner desk.  We will need to play around and find the correct height because like Goldilocks it has to be "just right".  Not too high and not too low.

This then leaves the wood for the shelf and the top of the desk and cabinets.  Unfortunately our wood pile does not contain these pieces and we will have to make a lumber run. With that lumber run it will be the first $$$$$$ spent on this project.  It had to happen eventually, but we still feel good that it was in the latter stage of the project rather than the first step of the project.

The kittens are one month old today and my how they are growing.  They are walking around their box and starting to look over the edge at unknown territory.  Mama Patches and Aunt Sasha are still very very attentive.  The kittens crawl all over their Aunt and are happy to curl up next to her just like they do with their mother.  Sasha actually jumps to their beck and call at the very first whimper where as Mama Patches is trying to wean her babies from constant attention.  As any good aunt does......Aunt Sasha is spoiling her nieces and nephews.