Saturday, May 24, 2014

Flowers for the garden shed

The shed is looking so cheerful.  I love annual flower planting time.  The results are instantaneous. Immediate gratification is nice after working on some slow motion projects......i.e. kitchen desk area.

The color palette for this year's flowers were based on the flowers that I received for Mother's Day from my son and daughter in law.  It's a new color (dark wine) for me and I'm liking how it looks against the dark gray.

The pots on the wall are sitting in plant hangers that I purchased on clearance like maybe 5 years ago. It is so nice to finally get them hung.  I think I paid like 6 bucks a piece for them.  The clay pots I had in my stash.

The large faux cement pots were also purchased about 5 years ago on clearance.  I purchased 8 of them.  I'm trying to remember the price and I think they were regular priced at around 59 bucks and I got them for like $12.99.  The garden center was completely sold out of everything except for a few half dead trees and these pots.  I was driving a small SUV and I am so surprised that I actually was able to get all 8 in the vehicle.

The wrought iron chair was a curbside treasure.  Can you believe it?  It was originally white and had a vinyl teal cushion.  I painted the chair in a satin black and tossed the vinyl cushion.  It could use another coat of paint but the weather is far too windy to spray paint.

The tall ground cover to the left of the shed is Lily of the Valley and they are just about ready to bloom. The scent is beyond description.  It ranks right up there with lilac.  Please do not look at the yellow dandelions.

Tomorrow we are going to try our best to start the last small project for the garden shed.  It is a gilding of the lily type of project. Not necessary but it will make a BIG difference in the overall look of the shed.