Saturday, May 24, 2014

Flowers for the garden shed

The shed is looking so cheerful.  I love annual flower planting time.  The results are instantaneous. Immediate gratification is nice after working on some slow motion projects......i.e. kitchen desk area.

The color palette for this year's flowers were based on the flowers that I received for Mother's Day from my son and daughter in law.  It's a new color (dark wine) for me and I'm liking how it looks against the dark gray.

The pots on the wall are sitting in plant hangers that I purchased on clearance like maybe 5 years ago. It is so nice to finally get them hung.  I think I paid like 6 bucks a piece for them.  The clay pots I had in my stash.

The large faux cement pots were also purchased about 5 years ago on clearance.  I purchased 8 of them.  I'm trying to remember the price and I think they were regular priced at around 59 bucks and I got them for like $12.99.  The garden center was completely sold out of everything except for a few half dead trees and these pots.  I was driving a small SUV and I am so surprised that I actually was able to get all 8 in the vehicle.

The wrought iron chair was a curbside treasure.  Can you believe it?  It was originally white and had a vinyl teal cushion.  I painted the chair in a satin black and tossed the vinyl cushion.  It could use another coat of paint but the weather is far too windy to spray paint.

The tall ground cover to the left of the shed is Lily of the Valley and they are just about ready to bloom. The scent is beyond description.  It ranks right up there with lilac.  Please do not look at the yellow dandelions.

Tomorrow we are going to try our best to start the last small project for the garden shed.  It is a gilding of the lily type of project. Not necessary but it will make a BIG difference in the overall look of the shed.


  1. Looks super cute!

    ...and as far as the dandelions, we've got them. We haven't treated our lawn in years. Not sure if we're not because of the money, the time it takes or if it's because I'm trying to save the world :)

  2. Hi Jan! Just spent an enjoyable morning, between chores, catching up. I realized I hadn't checked in since March or so! Happy Kittens. My goodness, they are cute. We have a feral calico that could be her twin. She actually had a litter about the same time, but she was not indoors, and a raccoon dispatched the litter. :-( We've since had her fixed, so no more kittens.
    Your shed looks so nice! And as for the dandelions, I just got a recipe for dandelion jelly that I want to try. Waiting for the next crop in our front lawn. You're in good company!
    Hope your ankle feels better soon. I think of you often, as the iris and day lilies are in bloom again. If you want more iris, let me know--I'm ready to chuck a whole bunch.

  3. Baby sister....

    I quit treating my dandelions when I realized they were blowing into my yard from the unmowed field.

    I just try to mow more often when they are having growing spurts.

  4. Annette...

    My husband and I were just looking at our/your irises tonight. They have doubled in size and I think they are going to be killer this year.

    Don't chuck any irises. Let me know when you are going to dig some up and I'll send you some money for postage. After this winter I am really going to stick with plants that are hardy and tested for cold weather. I found yet another dead tree today. The weather was soooooo harsh this year.

    I have some irises blooming next to my mailbox and they look so great. I really need to get a photo of them.

    Ankle is doing good. But I've been wearing flat shoes and staying off ladders and on flat ground for now.

  5. Jan, I'll put some aside for you---how many do you want?i could easily pack several of the largest flat rate boxes if you want. My daughter is getting married the 7th-- kinda busy/overwhelmed til then. Hoiking irises will be cathartic the week after! :-)
    I'm glad to hear that they are doing so well. I'm taking out all but a sampling, and filling in with day lilies and lavender.


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