Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Flower Pot Feet

Last year I purchased a set of pot feet off of Etsy.  They were cute but they just didn't wow me.  First off they didn't match the pot.  They were advertised as concrete or cement but I think they were made out of mortar.  They were dark and some what soft.  I also didn't like that they were very flat.  Flat feet is just as undesirable in pot feet as human feet in my opinion. I am sure they would look better on a small pot.

So when I purchased my new concrete pot I knew I had to upgrade my pot feet to something more substantial and made out of the correct material so that they matched the pot.

Why use pot feet?  I use pot feet to keep my pot off the concrete/slate porch which in cold weather could trap moisture under the pot that could freeze and damage the pot and do further damage to my original slate/concrete porch.  If you sit your pots on a wood deck they will leave behind a ring stain if you move the pot.  This is due to the constant moisture trapped under the pot.

Also in colder climates it is important that your pots do not hold moisture that could freeze and crack your pot. Raising the pot up off the flat surface will allow the moisture to drain faster and hopefully not freeze like a block of ice.

Some people lay their pots on their side or cover with plastic.  Neither of these are an option for me. I like to fill my front porch pot with cut evergreens and who wants to look at a plastic covered pot for 5 months.

I also use the pot feet as a decorative element.  I found my new feet on eBay which tends to be my go to place lately for unusual items.

My new pot feet are very decorative and match perfect. Wanna see my feet?
The concrete is still curing but you can see that they match my new pot.  FYI those are not lead paint chips on my porch.  I left a fairly new painted interior wood item on my porch and it rained.  The thin paint layer just peeled right off.  I should have known better but I have been distracted and have far too many irons in the fire right now.
I also like that there are four feet.  My pot is a quadruped.  A big pot looks better with 4 feet.  My old feet..... along with being flat and the wrong color only came in a set of 3.  I'm sure they will find a smaller pot to support in my yard somewhere....sometime.
I also love the hairy paw design, especially on furniture.  My pot is in the sun but how cool would it be to get moss to grow on your hairy paw pot feet?