Thursday, May 19, 2016

I bought it....

...but what is it?
It says McCools on the side and it appears to be made of stainless steel inside.

I did a little Internet searching and McCools is a frozen yogurt or ice cream place in New Jersey.  So maybe it has something to do with ice cream.

I liked it, so for 12 bucks I bought it without any idea of what I was going to use it for when I got it home.  But it looks like we are going to store our thistle seed in it.  For reference the canister is about 28 inches tall and the jar is about 6 to 8 inches in height.
Then I bought this jar with a stopper/pour spout in it.  I loved the shape and it's large, too.  My initial thought was to use it for honey but the small opening for pouring would make the honey dispensing very very slow.  Maybe a dish soap dispenser if I can find a pump that would fit the opening.  But for 10 bucks I had to have it.
Oriole update.....they are loving the jam but not touching the oranges.  I'm trying to get a photo but I have been busy busy busy planting my window boxes.  Actually it took longer to put the potting soil in the window boxes than it did to actually plant them.

I needed to run to another local greenhouse for a six pack of butter crunch lettuce and 1 chartreuse sweet potato vine.  Of course I couldn't resist and also purchased some other veggies and herbs.
Two of the plants were rather unusual.  One was called the popcorn plant.  I guess if you rub the leaves it smells like buttered popcorn.  I'll try that out tomorrow and let you know.
The other 'out of the ordinary' plant is a cherry tomato that is white.  They called it 'White Ice' but the closest thing I could find online was Italian Ice Hybrid Cherry tomato
I wasn't worried about buying the extra plants because the sign at the greenhouse said that R had called ahead and left a message for me.  So I was covered.