Tuesday, May 31, 2016

South Side Paint Update

This past holiday weekend was a painting weekend for us that was interrupted by mowing and trying to buy the empty lot next to our house.

The lawn has stopped growing at a break neck speed.....thank heaven.  That gave me time to prime, paint, and try to talk to my real estate agent all while standing on a ladder.  In the end we didn't get the property because we were not willing to pay more for a non build able lot than the counter that we had already accepted but was never received (email) but in the meantime another buyer appeared.   Yaaaa sure.  But anyways I'm sure the lot will become available again once they find out that they bought a hole.  That is what happens when you buy land based off of photos, waive the perk test, and do not consult a builder before buying.  For us it was just going to be more lawn and an assurance that water would not come onto our lot when it rains.

But anyways the priming and painting is to the point where I need to switch ladders but first I need to by another pair of flip flops.  My current pair are just about to have a blow out and the last thing I need is a flip flop blow out on a 35 ft ladder.
I know most people would start at the top but I needed to get the window boxes installed and planted so I started at the bottom and worked my way up to just above the windows.  The tall ladder is already located in the middle so I will probably leave it there and do the middle next and then each side.  The ladder is just too heavy to move around so we will use this unorthodox method that works for us.  The windows are just primed and I will put the top coat of white semi gloss on last.
Our window boxes are filling in nicely and the veggies are growing fast.  I have some lettuce transplanted into small pots from their 6 packs and I am going to plant them in between my flowers in the window boxes.  I figure that my lettuce will be ready to eat just about the time that my flowers will be starting to crowd them out.

R scored again today with another curbside treasure and I'll share that tomorrow.

FYI the paint does match but it needs a day or so to really darken.  It's the weirdest thing because all that paint came out of the same can.