Friday, May 13, 2016

This will take me days

I woke up bright and early (early for me) and went and bought the two large bags of potting soil that I was suppose to buy last night and didn't.  I forced myself to not look at anything and just grabbed a flat bed cart and threw my two bags on it and left.  It was hard but I was strong.

On the way back home I stopped at my mother's condo to check the mail when I realized that I had bought one more geranium plant for her front bed.  So I left the condo and drove home, unloaded the dirt, grabbed the one geranium, and drove back to her condo.

I planted it and then went into the house to wash my hands so that I could leave.  As I walked out of the garage someone was walking up the driveway to get the contact info off of our for sale sign.  We are selling by owner as I have had great luck selling our properties by owner.

We spoke for a moment or two and then I asked them if they would like to see the inside.  They said yes and so for the next hour I showed them around the condo.  On the way back out of the garage they asked about my mother's off white Buick Lacross.  Ironically they drove up in the same exact car.  What can I's the Flint area and a lot of people still drive Buicks.  Back in the day almost everyone drove a Buick.

I gave them the price and we both left.  I arrived home and looked at the amount of flowers and bulbs that I need to plant and realized that my eyes were bigger than my trowel and this will take ALL weekend.

The pots in the front yard were planted first.  I like the color combo in the black pots and I think the concrete pot will only get better with age.

I then started filling the new window box in the front.  In an attempt to not get soil on my fresh white paint job, I used an empty plastic pot to scoop up soil and pour it into the window box.  That was slow going.  I couldn't pour the soil out of the bag until it was only 1/3 full because it was so heavy.

I planted the geraniums, chartreuse sweet potato vines, and the purple salvia in the two front window boxes.  I'm waiting until tomorrow to add the white and dark purple petunias because I wanted the soil to be thoroughly wet before I plant them.  They have very delicate roots and the soil was not thoroughly moist.

R watered and watered until all the soil was thoroughly wet.  By this time it was getting late and I noticed I had three unanswered calls on my phone from the same person.  So I called it a day and went inside.  The phone rang again and it was the couple who looked at the condo.  They wanted the car.  So tomorrow I have to meet them at 11AM.

So I don't expect to start planting until at least noon on Saturday.  It is suppose to rain AGAIN tonight. The lawn was mowed three days ago and could use another trim tomorrow.

Do I plant or mow?  Oh by the way the forecast is for a low of 34 degrees tomorrow night.