Monday, May 16, 2016

The Orioles Found the Jelly

This afternoon I went outside to check on the feeder.  Look what I found.
It's empty.  The orioles didn't touch the oranges but they found the jelly.

There were two males taking turns at the cup when I came back with the squeeze bottle of jelly.  I like this set up even more now that I have had to fill it.  I didn't even have to touch the feeder or get my hands sticky.  I just opened the top and squeezed the jelly into the cup without touching a thing. Closed the top.   Easy peasey.

I didn't get a photo of the birds because I was in and out of the house running errands and Roger had taken on a small side job.  I was also on the phone with a friend who is a real estate agent.  No we aren't moving.  We are trying to buy the land to the south of us. We want to plant peach and cherry trees (they won't grow in our black walnut filled yard) and this lot only has two black walnut trees and they are located on the very edge of the lot.

R is all for the purchase but his parting words as he left this morning was "just what I need....another acre to mow."