Friday, May 27, 2016

Your tire is stinky

LOL....I had to laugh because I thought the same thing.

The other day my husband said "when you are out today, stop and get a 20X8X8 tire for the lawn tractor.  I can't fix the one that is on there."  So after doing a quick online search I found that Tractor Supply had the best price.

That was cool because last week I bought a denim skirt from there for 20 bucks and it is by far the best fitting denim skirt I have ever purchased.  I have found that when I find a piece of clothing that fits me correctly, I need to buy more than one.  I really have no idea what size I wear because I can wear anything between an 8 and a 12.  This skirt was a 10 and was the perfect length, too.

So off I went in search of a tire and clothes and maybe some fish fertilizer if I don't get distracted by the little chicks and ducks.  To make sure I didn't get distracted I went directly to the tires.  Grabbed what I needed and headed for the clothes.
No size 10 skirts were left....maybe they will get more at a later date.  But they had a sale rack so I checked that out and found a denim shirt dress.  So I nabbed one.
On the way to the checkout I spotted some cheap sunglasses.  Pink Camo. I have to laugh at all the camo stuff but I needed a new pair of cheap sunglasses and nine bucks seemed cheap enough.  I used to buy expensive prescription sunglasses.  I soon realized that the more expensive the sunglasses were....the sooner I scratched the lens.  I have cheap sunglasses that I throw in my purse and they slide back and forth on the dash board and never get a scratch.  So to save myself the frustration I just buy cheap sunglasses.

I paid for my haul and signed up for their new rewards program.  I have no idea what the rewards are but I've done well with other rewards programs so what the heck.

As I drove up to the barn I notice that R was working on a small tire.  I grabbed the tire and got out of my vehicle.  He looks at me and says "oh, I already bought one so you can take that one back.."  So I threw it in the back of my SUV and went about my business.  I mean the trip wasn't a total bust because I did get some cheap sunglasses.

Our weather has gone from 60's to high 80's in two days.  The tire sat in my vehicle for two days with the windows up in 80+ degree weather.  I decided this morning to take the tire back and when I opened the door I about fell over.  OH MY GOSH.  The smell was unreal. I decided to hop on the expressway so I could drive at 70 mph with the windows down.

When I walked into the store there was quite a line so I had to stand there for a while holding my tire when this little girl turned around and said to me in the most matter of fact voice "your tire is stinky." Believe me little girl...I know!!!

So despite two trips to Tractor Supply I forgot fish fertilizer both times BUT I did stay away from the chicks and ducks.  BTW that Alaska Fish Fertilizer is great.  Stinky but great.