Saturday, May 7, 2016

The smell of primer in the morning.....

.....smells like I got a lot done today.  Unfortunately a lot of little stuff but nothing big and impressive.

I primed the window boxes so tomorrow I can put on the top coat which means I can fill with soil and flowers in the near future.  Yippee.  I'm antsy to plant something....anything....anywhere.  So I bought a daylily plant two days ago and planted it today.
Don't judge me, I'm behind on my dandelion removal.
Daylilies do not seem to be affected by my black walnut trees so when I ran across this rather tall (36 inches) white daylily, I thought I had better grab it before the Mother's Day plant buying crowd shows up on Saturday.
This daylily is called Heavenly Angel Ice.  It's a creamy white with rather large blooms (6 inches in diameter) and the hang tag says it is a rebloomer.  I'm not holding my breath about the rebloomer thing.  I have bought at least 6 daylily plants that were tagged as a rebloomer and none has rebloomed. Maybe we do not have a long enough season here in Michigan to allow it to rebloom.  I'll be happy it it blooms once with 6 inch wide blooms.  That Donald Trump huuuuuggge in the daylily world.  Plus, the white/creamy white blooms should show up nicely against the dark grey of the shingles.
A few of my tulips have bloomed and who doesn't like a pretty tulip.  It looks like the deer snacked on some of them which is a bummer.  The bulbs that I planted around the garden shed haven't bloomed yet so I am keeping my fingers crossed that the deer stay away from them.
I also ran to the hardware store to pick up a bracket to hang another bird feeder.  While I was at Sam's Club with my sister the other day, I bought a 40 pound bag of black sunflower seeds so it's time to fill some feeders. I caught a glimpse of a bluebird twice on Wednesday.  They are sooo beautiful but I wish there were more of them.

The forecast is for rain again on Saturday afternoon.  If it rains yet again, I'll have to mow on Sunday or Monday AGAIN. This time of the year the lawn is on overdrive and can grow an inch overnight. It really slows down getting much done on mowing days because with us both mowing, it can take 3 or 4 hours of non stop mowing.  I usually have to stop twice for gas and a personal pit stop.  R's zero turn has a bigger gas tank so he can mow without stopping.

Monday will be an exciting day.  I am meeting my girlfriend and picking up the vintage cast iron arbor that she bought at an online auction by her house.  It's a weekly online auction but it is quite a distance from my house.  So when I see something that grabs me she looks at it and then puts in my bid.  If I win she picks it up for me and stores it in her garage until I have a pile of stuff.  She knows I like my wrought iron and cast iron.

The arbor needs a little work but nothing a sandblaster and welder can't fix.  Welding cast iron is a little tricky but R has had a lot of experience in that area.  I don't care to weld. I have trouble with my eyes.  Even when I use an automatic darkening hood.  It's like my night blindness when I drive at night times 100.  I can't see anything.