Thursday, May 12, 2016

Petunias, Pots, and Pouring Rain

Today was one of those days where R and I tried to pack as many errands into one day as possible. The day started out with a dentist appointment for R.  The minute he rolled into the driveway we were off again.

Our first stop was a nursery that has good geraniums at a good price.  I needed 31 geraniums so saving over a $1.00 a plant adds up.  A lot of nurseries have a wide selection of nice plants but once we put up the 3 additional window boxes, we soon realized that we needed to do a little price shopping to ensure that planting them didn't turn into a budget buster.

I bought the bright red color which when held next to the dark red color was hardly distinguishable between the two colors.  I think that the color difference is more noticeable out in the bright sunlight. We were inside a huge greenhouse and it was slightly cloudy outside.  I'm going to add dark purple petunias but I'll buy those elsewhere by the flat which is a more affordable option.  I did buy two chartreuse green sweet potato vines for each window box and one for a large pot.

We also picked up some tomato and pepper plants that will go into our large pots.  We've given up planting them in the ground because of the numerous black walnut trees in the yard.  I think we could do raised planted beds but our 'to do' list is far too long right now to add raised planting beds to the list. We have 8 or so large pots that we can use right now.

Speaking of pots.  I had to do a quick drive by of the pots for sale at the nursery.  They had a large variety of pots and some that are new to me.  They really do not work with my decor but they were great none the less.  The photos might be deceiving because I have nothing for you to judge the scale of the pots but these are large crock style pots.

Mason Jars are all the rage and now you can buy a crock size ceramic pottery Mason jar.  Wouldn't a tomato plant with some basil make for a great combination?

How about this pot if you have a fishing cabin up north?

Once we left the nursery we did a quick pass through of the Davison Farmers market to get another pint of that delicious chocolate milk.  I also bought two bottles of that Kombucha tea that seems to be all the rage.  I bought two different flavors.  One was Passion fruit that the vendor kept telling me it had a calming affect and would help me 'chill'.......I must have looked stressed out.  The other flavor was cherry and both have chia seeds in them.

The vendor rattled off a variety of ailments that these drinks were meant to help or alleviate but I'm more interested in whether they taste good.  It's just like I know fish oil capsules would work wonders with my cholesterol problem because  I can no longer take several types of those meds. It would really help if I took the fish oil capsules but I cannot swallow them.  I know I inhale bigger chunks of candy then those small fish oil capsules but I just can't swallow them.  BUT I did find some gummi vitamins that have fish oil in them and they are not too bad.  I've been taking them for about two months so my next blood work should show if they are working.

After the farmer's market we headed back home but along the way we pass this small market that carries the Hershey chocolate syrup in the can.  Our local Krogers and Meijer no longer carry the can. R is a big ice cream eater and insists that the chocolate syrup in the plastic bottle is a different recipe.
He bought three cans and we hit the road again.

Next on the list was a trip to Ace Hardware for bags of their weed and feed lawn care granules. Currently they are having an instant discount of 6 bucks per large bag if you have the Ace Rewards card....which I do.  The weed and feed is for R's doctor's yard that he maintains.

The sky was getting darker and a quick look at my phone showed that the storm was about 1 1/2 hours away.  So R grabbed the broadcast spreader and laid down 3 large bags of weed and feed while I drove to another nursery to buy bags of potting soil for my window boxes and pots.  I usually change the soil every two or three years.  This year I am filling new window boxes and changing the soil in 3 older smaller window boxes.

Once I got inside the greenhouse I was distracted by the black petunias.  I have a large hanging basket that I want to fill with white and black petunias and hang on the south side of the barn.  So I added black petunias and 2 flats of dark purple and white petunias to my cart.  Then I saw these cool large bright red begonia plants that would look great in the pots that are on my potting shed.

Oh and there's the veggies.  I bought 4 more tomato plants.  Then I decided I needed some tall dark purple salvia for my window boxes.  By this time my cart was over flowing and I still hadn't picked up the two super large bags of potting soil.  It was about that time that I realized it was getting very dark and then the sky opened up and it started pouring and was it ever loud on the Plexiglas ceiling.

So what's a gal to do when it's pouring outside and her SUV is waaaaay out in the parking lot?  She shops some more.  I knew I couldn't get the potting soil today because my cart was full but I might be able to add a few more plants to my cart.

I went back and looked at the veggies again.  I noticed they have bush cucumbers.  I didn't buy any but I think I might give these a try if I have a pot leftover to fill.  At this point the rain just wasn't letting up so I went to the cash register and paid.

I waited at the doorway for some time but then just decided to bite the bullet and ran as fast as I could in my flip flops to my vehicle.  I left it unlock so I parked my cart next to the vehicle and hopped in to catch my breath and wipe the wet hair out of my eyes.  I took a deep breath and looked in the side mirror to see my cart rolling across the parking lot.

Needless to say by the time I retrieved my cart, unload it, and got back in my SUV, I was thoroughly soaked.  I arrived home without potting soil, which was what I went for in the first place. R was already home and proud that he was able to get all the fertilizer down before it rained and asked if I needed help getting the potting soil out of my vehicle.

On the agenda for tomorrow.  Buy potting soil and plant window boxes and pots.